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澳洲10开奖历史记录 澳洲幸运十开奖查询最新官网历史记录 Experience the future of hybrid collaboration

Owl Labs is the smart device ecosystem for fully immersive hybrid meetings.

The next best thing to being together

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home | remote vs in room | room view
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Owl Bar
Front-of-room camera, mic, and speaker
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Meeting Owl 3
Center-of-room camera, mic, and speaker

AI-powered engagement for every participant

Together, our smart cameras capture every angle, participant, and sound for naturally dynamic discussions.

Intelligently alternates between cameras for best view of participants

Detects and zooms in on active speaker for face-to-face experience

Modulates volume so everyone in the room sounds loud and clear

Effortlessly improves features and capabilities with routine upgrades

A suite of smart devices ready to work for your team

360° Reimagined
Bundle | MO3+Bar | Side by Side | Transparent Background

Meeting Owl 3 + Owl Bar

Our essential duo for immersive, productive meetings in any space.

Seamless, scalable solutions for every space

2023澳洲幸运10官网开奖结果号码-澳洲幸运10开奖历史记录 Build your own Owl Labs solution

Room Solution Highlight | Medium | MO3 + Bar - recommended

Your recommended bundle

In rooms where people are facing the screen and each other, the Meeting Owl 3 and Owl Bar team up to make sure everyone's faces are always visible, so remote participants don't miss a thing.

Products / Meeting Owl 3 / Full Front

Meeting Owl 3

Products | Owl Bar | Transparent | Angled

Owl Bar

$2,839 Save $209

澳洲幸运10 See Owl Labs solutions in action

Room Solution | Small | Background 2

up to 5 participants

Small Room

Room Solution | Medium | Background

up to 9 participants

Medium Room

Room Solution | Large | Background

up to 13 participants

Large Room

Create new possibility in every kind of workplace

There’s no weird software required, and there are no remote controls that go missing.

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

Case Study EDU Wartburg

The setup process was so simple, I didn’t even have to call Owl Labs’ customer support team.

Dr. Loni Abbas, Assistant VP for Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer, Wartburg College

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All of our healthcare is now done over video.

Amy May, Clinical Director, North Central Missouri Mental Health Center

tabbedfeature:case study | legal

The Meeting Owl makes sure nothing is left out of conversations — everyone is seen and heard.

Keith Norton, Systems Administrator, Sterling Lawyers

Hoots and Hollers

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